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A brand management solution for services-based organisations ambitious to grow consistently and sustainably.

We designed the Continuous Branding tool to help you overcome your biggest branding and marketing challenges.

proven with excellenT


Rapport Guest Services grew by 20% per annum for nearly a decade by using Continuous Branding. The business evolved into a market leading and award-winning company. Read the story of the early years in chapter eight of the Continuous Branding book.


some of the challenges we can help you smash

A Small boy with a whale balloon

Ambitious for growth? Fancy flying high?

Need some help to rebrand your company? But not quite sure where to start? Help is at hand.

A man and woman chatting

Are you at a business cross roads now?

Overcome all your signifiant challenges with this brand tool for service-based organisations and look forward to a prosperous future.

A team of rowers pulling in the same direction

Are you making significant changes to your business model?

Have you developed a new value proposition and now you and your team need to pull together to communicate it clearly.

Man falling off a bicycle

Are your client relationships too transactional and too fragile?

Communicate the change in your client relationships to collaborative partnerships for greater reward.

Man looking down from the summit of a mountain.

Going for brand leadership?

If you're ambitious for the future success of your company, aspire to be a market leader or regain lost leadership, then read more.

Lens of a camera

Markets changing fast? Competitors more aggressive?

Ready to reposition your company? Use branding strategically and your ideal clients will find you.

Continuous Branding book by Craig Thatcher

Need a brand tool that works?

We have a simple brand management tool available in ebook, audiobook and paperback. With coaching and workshops for support.

A chameleon changing colour

Pivoting out of the pandemic?

Discover the best rebranding strategy that adds most value to your company.

A takeaway cup with a hand written name on it

Struggling how to market and brand your new services?

If you have developed new services to exploit new opportunities then service branding makes the intangible tangible.

Velodrome cycle pursuit team

Want to increase the value of your company in the next five years?

If you have or are changing business strategy then discover how you can make sure you make the most of it.

Thinking differently 

"Company size no longer matters. Only excellent service does."

Craig Thatcher

trust integrity honesty ethical.png

Of companies that listed their brand values on their websites, each included ‘trust’, ‘honesty’, ‘integrity’ and ‘ethical’.


It’s pointless to list these qualities because everyone does! In fact listing them can suspend disbelief and inspire scepticism.


If you say you’re honest, you may not be, and if you’re not, you’re certainly not if you say you are. 

brand values.jpg

distinct brand values are critical


why do some companies grow more than others?

Because their leaders think like brand owners and build the companies and their brands consistently. Not in fits and starts.


Companies that use design as an integral part of their strategy to solve customer problems reap the biggest rewards over those that use design as a process, or only for styling or don’t use design at all.

design ladder.png

Design Ladder developed by the Danish Design Centre, 2003

impressive return on investment

Warwick Business School interviewed 48 leaders of world class companies and found the use of design was strongest with senior management support.

It transforms the way organisations think and work and adds value to companies of any size.

£1 invested chart.png

Eden Partners: Evaluating Designing Demand 2012 and Centrifuge: Evaluation of Public Services by Design 2010


RIGHT at the heart 

Put Continuous Branding at the heart of everything you do and you'll communicate your strategy to your clients, your people and your suppliers in an exciting and engaging way.

heart graphics.png

A commonality 

I saw five key principles and branding practices that our best performing clients have in common with the most successful brands.


The main difference between the best performing brands and the rest is that the best brands follow all five principles all the time - not some of them some of the time.

follow all these principles, all of the time

5 principles.png

See what others say

“I liked the book: a good and worthwhile read. It opened my eyes to the wider aspects of branding which I hadn't given consideration to before.”

Jonathan Ross

Recruitment Consultant and Solopreneur


Order ebook, audiobook or paperback.
From £7.95 inc VAT.

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