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Service branding makes the intangible tangible

If you’re an owner or director of a company that sells services, rather than makes or sells products and want to discover how to use service branding to differentiate your organisation from your competitors then you’ll love the 'Continuous Branding' tool. It is available as an ebook, audiobook and paperback.

Having made some significant strategic decisions about the future of your company, you’re probably developing new and innovative services to exploit new revenue opportunities out there. Or perhaps you’re creating new customer service experiences and plan to use them as a great way of differentiating your company in your market.

Service branding a bit of a mystery to most people. Yet it is simple and you can benefit from it’s performance-boosting capability because we have developed a tool called 'Continuous Branding' to help you.

Service branding makes the intangible tangible

However, you’ll be facing the same three issues that all companies that sell services have to overcome. The first is using service branding to make your intangible services tangible for your clients and the second is motivating your colleagues to deliver them in precisely the way promised in your marketing and brand communications. The third is the lack of differentiation that comes from the first two. Making it difficult for clients to chose to work with you rather than one of your competitors.

proven with consistent results

Rapport Guest Services grew by 20% per annum for nearly a decade, into a market leading and award winning company, using Continuous Branding. Read the story in chapter eight of the book.

Your next steps

Discover how to build the value of your company over the next three to five years and you'll find it easier with our brand tool.

Are you going for market or brand leadership?

Perhaps thinking of repositioning your company?

Do you need to clearly communicate your new value proposition?

Discover what’s the best rebranding strategy is for your company.

Need any help rebranding your company?

Are you changing your relationship with clients to strategic ones rather than tactical?

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