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Brand management tool for service-based companies

This article is ideal for you if you are an owner or director of a company that sells services, rather than makes or sells products and have a plan to grow and are looking for a brand management tool to make it easier.

At a cross roads?

You may be at a cross roads right now as a result of making some significant strategic decisions about the future of your company. For instance, you may have decided to grow your company to sell it in the next three to five years, in which case you need to build the value as much as possible to realise the best possible price.

Reasons you'll find our branding tool useful

Alternatively, you may just have acquired the business or taken over the management of it as a result of a merger, acquisition or diversification from a parent company and need to grow it for one or more of the following reasons;

  • You aspire to have or regain market leadership because you know that being a follower limits the size and quality of clients you need to appeal to.

  • You need to develop a new value proposition or brand promise to delight clients that are a perfect match for your company. Not too big for you to handle and not too small that they’re uneconomic to service.

  • You’re developing new and innovative services because you recognise that there are new revenue opportunities out there. Or you’re creating new customer service experiences and plan to use them as a great way of differentiating your company in the market.

  • To be more agile, you are driving internal culture change and transforming the speed and way that your employees think and behave going forward.

  • You plan to change transactional relationships with your clients into strategic ones based on long term, collaborative partnerships and seek out those that look for and value the same thing.

  • Because margins are under pressure, you need to appeal to clients that are an ideal fit for your business model, rather than waste valuable time and resources on those that are not.

Overcome significant challenges

You may be making significant strategic decisions despite or because everything is changing fast. Your markets are changing, so are your competitors, as they’re multiplying and more determined to get their share. So you need to adapt, by achieving far more productively with possibly fewer employees. They in turn, must all work smarter together because your clients’ are more demanding than ever before.

On the upside, new technologies are giving you new, different and faster ways to engage with and sell to your customers. All this change is opening up new opportunities and closing down old, traditional ones. So as a company owner or manager you’re looking at ways to grow revenues, margins and manage your organisations better.

Branding adds great value if used strategically

Branding is a strategic activity that will add enormous value to your organisations if you put it at the heart of absolutely everything you do. It is not a tactical activity to be employed every few years when growth slows down.

embark on your own journey

To harness the enormous power of it, you need to understand the process of branding and then how to manage it. You’ll be embarking on a journey. One that is totally unique to your company and your brand. With no straight lines to the end. Because there is no end. Only twists and turns along the way to greater success and continued growth.

Branding is a bit of a mystery to most people. Yet it is simple and you can benefit from it’s performance-boosting capability because our founder Craig Thatcher has developed a brand management tool called ‘Continuous Branding’ to help you.

Achieve greater success with our branding tool

You’ll achieve greater success by growing your brand if you put the five principles of continuous branding at the heart of everything you do. As it continuously links your business strategy to your people, because this is not a ‘stop start’ activity carried out every few years. Neither is it solely for the marketing department to do. It is a much deeper and far more fundamental activity than that.

Proven with consistent results

Rapport Guest Services grew by 20% per annum for nearly a decade, into a market leading and award winning company, using Continuous Branding. Read the story in chapter eight of the book.

Why did Craig create this tool?

Because it concerns him to see brand owners and managers struggling with the same issues, wasting their time, resources and making the same mistakes, when we could help them to grow faster, more easily and more consistently. As a branding specialist, he is ideally placed to provide the advice, guidance and support based on more than 30 years of experience. Summed up in a short book, written in plain English, with no jargon or marketing gobbledegook.

Your next steps

Discover how to build the value of your company over the next three to five years and you'll find it easier with our brand tool.

Are you going for market or brand leadership?

Perhaps thinking of repositioning your company?

Do you need to clearly communicate your new value proposition?

Discover what’s the best rebranding strategy is for your company.

Need any help rebranding your company?

Are you changing your relationship with clients to strategic ones rather than tactical?

Service branding will make your intangible services tangible.

Connect, contact or call

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