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How to increase company brand value using the 'Continuous Branding' tool

If you’re an owner or director of a company that sells services, rather than makes or sells products you’ll want to know how to harness the power of branding to help you to achieve greater success.

Discover how to manage your brand at every stage of your company’s life stage, to maximise the value of it. Thinking and acting like a brand owner pays off in the long term, helping you to build value in your company and look forward to a prosperous and sustainable future.

We know it can be a bit daunting to know where to start rebranding your company, so we've created a series of short articles and a brand tool to help you, whatever stage you’re at.

Continuous Branding tool

The tool is called 'Continuous Branding' and is available as an ebook, audiobook and in paperback. We're here to help you get the most out of it by answering your questions, and to give coaching, as well as skills transfer workshops to engage and excite your colleagues.

It is proven with consistent results. Rapport Guest Services grew by 20% per annum for a decade, into a market leading and award winning company, using Continuous Branding. Read the story in chapter eight of the book.

Ambitious for growth or brand leadership

If you're ambitious for the future success of your company, aspire to be a market leader or regain lost leadership. Read more.

changing business strategy

About to undergo a merger, acquisition or diversification? Or maybe you are under new management or ownership? Then you’ll want to discover the best ways of communicating significant change in your business strategy to your colleagues and clients. Read more.

Pivoting out of the pandemic

We have all witnessed seismic changes in markets as a result of the pandemic. Some have been utterly decimated whilst others have boomed. Many companies have had to change the way they operate and communicate. The end result is that opportunities are out there for those quick or brave enough to pivot their companies to take advantage. Read more.

Grow to sell?

Perhaps you want to grow your company over the next three to five years and then sell. Read more.

Change your relationship with clients

A popular way to make this shift is to change your relationship with clients. From a simple, transactional one that is easy for competitors to copy or to undercut. Then transform it into a more strategic relationship based on collaborative partnerships that delivers greater reward, profitability and value over the longer term. Read more.

Communicating a new value proposition

You may be about to design a new value proposition and will want to communicate it clearly to clients and colleagues. We can show you how to maximise your return on investment using compelling communications. Read more.

Developing a new market position

This is probably the one thing you should spend most time on as it will have the greatest impact over anything else that you do. But how can branding and design help you to create a crystal clear position? We explain how. Read more.

Using service branding as a differentiator

If you’re struggling to differentiate your company in your markets because of increased competition, then branding an existing service or new services is a great way of achieving this. Making it easier for your clients to chose you over a competitor. Read more.

Stages in rebranding your company

Not quite sure where to start with rebranding your company? Discover what all the stages are and most importantly, how to get off to a good start. Read more.

Your brand is your most valuable intangible asset

We can show you how to manage it so you increase its tangible value.

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