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Clearly communicate your new value proposition

If you’re an owner or director of a company and are developing a new value proposition, then this tool called ‘Continuous Branding’ will help you to clearly communicate it to your target customers and colleagues.

You may be in the process of ‘creating value’ for a specific customer segment by developing a new value proposition or ’brand promise’ to appeal to customers that are ideal matches for your company. Just the right size and with the right attitude. Not too big or demanding to handle and not too small that they’re uneconomic to service.

This is a brilliant book

We have not been paid to say this, but the Value Proposition Design, book part of the Strategyzer series is really great. You may also have discovered this book as it contains valuable tools and templates to clearly explain how to create services (and products) that clients or customers want, by creating value for them and for your company. It stresses the need to focus on helping customers to get important jobs done, kill their extreme pains and create essential gains.

Continuously evolving and improving relentlessly

It is great to develop a new value proposition but you also need to communicate it to your clients and colleagues. The authors of the Value Proposition Design book recommend that, “you should develop a shared language to create alignment throughout every part of your organisation, continuously evolving it, in order to improve relentlessly and reinvent yourself constantly”. Just like an Olympic rowing team, continually squeezing every last ounce of performance improvement.

This is where the 'Continuous Branding' tool really helps support you because it shares this same philosophy. It also supports another key point the authors make, and this is “to craft marketing messages based on your customer’s jobs, and the pains and gains your products and services are helping with. Aligning customer-facing messaging all the way from advertising to packaging design”.

rapidly and continuously address new opportunities

Today's enterprise must be agile and develop what Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath calls transient advantages in her book, The End of Competitive Advantage. She argues that companies must have the ability to rapidly and continuously address new opportunities, rather than search for increasingly un-sustainable long-term competitive advantages.

Continuous Branding is perfect for companies that want to be more agile

To help you to develop, implement and communicate your new value proposition we have developed tools as well as skills transfer workshops, tailored talks and open events that take you through the principles and explain the benefits.

Your next steps

Discover how to build the value of your company over the next three to five years and you'll find it easier with our brand tool.

Are you going for market or brand leadership?

Perhaps thinking of repositioning your company?

Discover what’s the best rebranding strategy is for your company.

Need any help rebranding your company?

Are you changing your relationship with clients to strategic ones rather than tactical?

Service branding will make your intangible services tangible with our tool for service-based organisations.

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