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Experience design is a great tool for driving client engagement

As a branding agency in Berkshire, we help B2B company owners and managers to design memorable moments for their clients using experience design.

The smallest things can often make the biggest difference.

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brand promise, value & experience

Experience design is a new way of integrating your company or brand's promise, to your clients’ ‘experience’ of buying or using your products and services and the ‘value’ they enjoy, as a result .

Experience design is also a powerful form of branding.

Business people and design practitioners find it easier to collaborate using the experience design framework.

why is client or Customer experience so important?

Because we’ve all had poor experiences of buying from or working with others and it can be disappointing or even annoying, depending on how bad the experience was.

It makes us feel like they don’t care about us. So why should we care about them?
It can destroy hard-won loyalty and encourages us to quibble costs, flirt with competitors or never buy from them again.

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call back later, she snapped

I once left a private dentist practice, not because my dentist wasn’t any good, but because the receptionist told me coldly to phone back to make my appointment after lunch, as I’d interrupted her break.


I never did call back and found a new dentist, less than 5 minutes walk from my house instead of ten minutes by car. 

“Design the service experience at the start, then reverse engineer the offering, the touchpoints, the service and even the organisation to be able to reliably produce the desired experience”.

Source: This is Service Design Thinking  - Stickdorn / Schneider

engage and motivate

As service is such an important way of differentiating your company from the next, it is vital that you engage and motivate your colleagues to deliver what you promise your clients. So you need to allocate a significant proportion of your budget to internal communications.

Deciding which channels are best to use to reach out to and engage your colleagues or stakeholders will depend on how many people you need to communicate with, where they’re based geographically or time zones and what the topic is about.

making clients feel special is the secret to your success

We believe that most companies can learn a lot from the way that hospitality businesses create unique guest experiences for their customers. 

As there is so often little physical difference between your products and services from those of your competitors, the only thing left is to create a distinct advantage - by making your clients feel special and creating memorable experiences for them. 


This in turn makes it very difficult for your competitors to copy the unique experience you’ve created and easier for you to justify a premium. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either and we can show you how.

discover how to create memorable experiences

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