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Internal communications to transform your business

Design agency in Maidenhead helps B2B company owners and managers to create clear, internal communications for colleagues and stakeholders. 

By helping ambitious companies like yours to build your brand, engage your people and grow your business with highly motivating digital marketing and memorable experiences as well.


There is little point spending money on external communications like re-branding your company or new digital marketing campaigns if your colleagues are not on-board with you.


If they’ve not wholeheartedly bought-in to what you're trying to achieve then they can and often will easily undermine all your hard work by contradicting your messaging by mistake or at worst, protesting to it on purpose.

A brand is a promise of an experience yet to be enjoyed 

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what's this mean for me?

That's what they'll be thinking. So spend time thinking about what your internal audiences will want to know and the questions they’ll ask. The prime one is always, 'what's this mean for me and my job?' 


Be very well prepared. Think about how they consume information in the rest of their lives, which varies enormously by age.

This is because they’re often sceptical about what is being communicated and if their past experiences have been poor then their expectations will be lower. So you’ll have to work harder to win them over. 

Always tell your colleagues what is going on in company first, before you tell anyone outside, unless it is market sensitive. Don’t ever tell them one thing and external audiences another. This is the quickest way to lose their trust as they’ll not know which is true. 

Don’t skimp on the quality of your communication or disrespect their time. If it looks like you’ve slung everything together last minute or turn up late, don't be surprised if they don't listen to or believe what you say. Regardless of how important it is.

improve your internal communications & transform your business

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