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Improving digital marketing and branding for the building products manufacturer - Caice

Caice 'Continuous Line' Acoustic Louvres at Here East

The challenge

Caice has an enthusiastic sales team led by the highly experienced Sales Director, David Clough, but does not have a dedicated design or digital marketing resource in-house. This manufacturer of specialist building products needed to improve their on-line presence and their brochures to support their growth plan and to gain market share.

Design & digital marketing has HELPED TO increase market share

We have helped to change the way that Caice think about positioning their company, using branding better as well as improved their digital marketing. Helping them to gain significant market share in the Fan Coil Units (air conditioning units) market. They are now the third largest, up from sixth when their new range was launched in 2018 and they're closing the gap fast on the other two.

Re-design and build of the website

Craig led the team that re-designed, then built and launched a new website in 2017, writing the copy in a helpful, personal and yet professional tone of voice. Our design team created the illustrations for the different market sectors, designed icons for the different types of products and used higher quality photography. Clearly communicating the benefits of their products and services as well as their pioneering spirit.

Better quality and more engaging photography

Caice work on some very prestigious building projects and Craig recommended that Caice use fewer, high quality shots of completed projects and this has helped to improve the overall perception of quality.

Craig took these shots and film of the Caice 'Continuous Line' Acoustic Louvres at the Infinity Here East Data Centre, which was originally built as the Press Centre for the 2012 London Olympics.

improved client experience is one way to stand out

In the construction industry there is often little difference between the performance of one competitor’s products over another. A major area of competitive advantage is to provide a superior client experience; from initial enquiry through to the final installation of the products.

Caice chatbot controlled by humans

We encouraged Caice to improve the experience for prospective clients visiting their website, and improve their brand and marketing communications consistency. Craig proposed that a chatbot should be installed on their website, controlled by humans not robots - for visitors who prefer this channel of communication over email or phone. It has proved very successful with younger engineers and technicians.

organic Search Engine Optimisation

We arranged for a review of the website by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist, Emily Wood and she made recommendations for how it could be improved from an on-page, technical point of view.

Writing interesting content for the website

Craig writes regular success stories and creates new pages for the website, based on information provided by the sales team who provide all of the relevant background data and materials in a template. Once written and approved, an article is condensed down for use on social media platforms like LinkedIn and in periodical e-newsletters. With email addresses obtained from those who have downloaded free Caice software or who have engaged in a chatbot conversation or submitted an enquiry via the website contact form.

Launching a new range OF FAN COIL UNITS

Caice were well know for manufacturing Attenuators but not for Fan Coil Units or Air Conditioning Units as they are known outside the industry, so they designed a whole new range in 2018.

Craig put a launch and marketing plan together and wrote the copy for and arranged the design of a new product brochure for these new, very quiet, energy efficient and low maintenance products. He also organised for a new section of the website to be built using copy drafted for the product brochure.

Copywriting and design of product brochure

Craig drafted the copy for the non-technical parts of the brochures including new and better ways of communicating the key benefits of the modular systems, using stand-out graphics and illustrations, as well as higher quality photography.

Other product brochures in the range follow the same style.

finalists in the RAC Cooling Awards

We recommended that Caice enter the Fan Coil Units in the RAC Cooling Awards in 2018, created the PowerPoint presentation deck for the submission, and were delighted to hear that the product range was a finalist that year. Craig wrote the press release for the two main trade websites and developed a social media campaign based on the key messages.

Creating an energy savings calculatoR

Since the range of Caice Fan Coil Units was more energy efficient than competitors, we discussed ways of promoting this benefit. Caice created an energy savings calculator and our designer created a simple user interface for it. This was the first time that Caice had communicated the end user benefit of lower running costs for their products, as architects and engineers specify these products - and they don't have to work or live in the spaces they design and build. We agreed that this is essential nowadays, given that reduced energy consumption is good for the environment and saves money on electricity over the lifetime of the products.

Helpful, time saving tools and educational content

We have also helped Caice to communicate their range of free, downloadable and time-saving software and free Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses to educate their clients.

A4 SALES presentation template & INSTRUCTIONs

Craig organised the design of the Caice corporate presentation in PowerPoint to save individuals in the sales team valuable time, as each of them used to put their own together. It was designed in PowerPoint and A4 in size, so that they could be tailored for each client, be saved as a pdf, then emailed or printed out if necessary. Craig also organised for the re-design of the installation, operation and maintenance instructions in PowerPoint so that they could be easily updated by Caice.


LCP Acoustics is a division of Caice and provides a range of acoustic consultancy services to professionals in the building services industry in the UK. Read more.

Internal communications is vital for future success

Craig is helping the new Managing Director to improve engagement with all Caice colleagues in his plan for the future of the company. This includes Craig sharing his specialist advice, experience and best practice in this important, but often over-looked area of communications.

professional installation on time

Caice is a pioneer within the construction industry, are very efficient, as this keeps costs down and saves unnecessary waste. The company invests a lot of resources in the in-house development of software that integrates the product design, manufacture and installation on-site.

To help Caice to communicate the benefits of their very sophisticated system to clients in a simple and engaging way, Craig created a storyboard concept, drafted the copy for an animation and then worked with Nic Flatt, a motion designer and an illustrator to bring it to life.

Craig is easy to work with, he understands our business and helps us to engage our clients in new ways. His digital marketing and copywriting skills enable us to talk about our products, our pioneering position and our culture in a completely different way to all the other companies in our market. David Clough (right hand side below), Sales Associate at Caice Acoustic Air Movement

Key services provided

  • Brand strategy and management

  • Website design and build

  • User experience design

  • Illustration and icon design

  • Copywriting for website and brochures

  • Design of brochures, presentations and product instructions

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Photography

  • Internal communications

  • Motion design


If you operate in a competitive market and need help with your branding and digital marketing then get in contact now.


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