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New website and digital marketing for an acoustics consultancy

LCP Acoustics provides a range of acoustic consultancy services to professionals in the building services industry in the UK. A division of Caice, it was previously a separate company called Lee Cunningham Partnership, whose name had been abbreviated over the years to LCP.

Mark Balsom, Consultancy Associate Director, asked us to re-build the LCP Acoustics website as the previous one was not working very well and was not adequately communicating the breadth and depth of their services.

Making noisy buildings quieter for everyone

So we talked to Mark about his ambition for the business and discovered what he and his team does, how they do it and most importantly, why they do it. This conversation revealed his mission to make noisy buildings quieter for everyone. Because people feel better or perform better in quieter buildings as noisy ones are not as good for their enjoyment, health or productivity.

We also quickly realised that the existing website was not communicating this desired market position clearly enough and so we proposed that the home page copy should be significantly re-written and that LCP be referred to as LCP Acoustics going forward.

improving organic search engine optimisation

We asked Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist, Emily Wood to undertake some strategic keyword research, which identified several exciting opportunities to drive more visitors to the website through organic search. She also provided us with helpful insights and keyword suggestions.

Elegant copy communicates desired market position

Craig then drafted the copy for the new website and utilised content from the existing website for case studies and key markets, then sourced information from an existing LCP Acoustics pdf brochure for technical details about services. He combined all of this with the key word phrases highlighted from the SEO research to create web pages that visitors would find useful.

He also made it easier for them to find their own markets, then quickly and easily get to the relevant services by improving the main navigation and introducing clear, in-body copy links between pages.

Improving website visitor experience

Craig worked closely with Andrew Wicks, the web developer who re-built the website using a new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Wordpress theme, that is easy for Mark and his team to use going forward.

To make the website visitor experience smoother and more intuitive, Andrew used the existing website for visual reference but improved the design, navigation, movement and responsiveness of the web page as well as created new icons for key groups of services and market sectors.

Craig then populated the pages with the new copy and illustrations, optimising each of them before logically organising them in the main navigation menu.

Key services provided

  • Market positioning

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Copywriting

  • Website design and build

  • Icon design

  • Digital marketing & communications

More ACOUSTIC consultancy resources to meet demand

Our client, Mark Balsom, Consultancy Director, LCP Acoustics is very pleased with the new website and is looking forward to more visitors finding and buying their services. They are recruiting additional resources and acoustic consultancy support to meet demand.

“We are really pleased with the work Craig and StrawberryFinch have carried out for us. Since the re-launch of the website the level of enquiries has increased and we now have a website we can be proud of.” Mark Balsom, Consultancy Associate Director, LCP Acoustics

Need Help?

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