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Build your B2B Brand’s Future

Outrun the seismic shifts in your markets by discovering the 20 key traits that successful companies all share. So they stay relevant and stay ahead to build their brands.

Learn from them, apply valuable insights to your business to achieve the same.

By Craig Thatcher of StrawberryFinch - which exists to help you build a stronger, fitter and more engaging brand with a prosperous future and greater value.

Some of the companies interviewed for this research


for time

Especially for busy board directors or brand and marketing managers of companies who want to ride out the rollercoaster on our   return to business as un-usual. 

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Don't be left high & dry

Because our world is changing fast and the pandemic is accelerating this.


Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple are enabling us all to shift too. If we want to.


We’ll all be left high and dry, if we don’t.


Discover valuable new ideas.


Your brand is your most valuable intangible asset, so we’re helping you to make the most of it with insights from successful business leaders.


These are based on interviews with senior directors and owners of several outstanding companies in the hospitality, professional services, serviced offices, furniture design and healthcare sectors.



valuable insights for youR BUSINESS

Learn from their collective experiences and what separates the very best companies from the rest.


Then apply the most valuable traits and insights to your business.

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