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Craig Thatcher, Branding specialist, StrawberryFinch


An experienced branding specialist, creative director, copywriter, film producer, author and publisher.

Become a better brand builder with my support.


To communicate in new and compelling ways and with greater confidence.

ACHIEVing this

With skills honed over more than thirty years and an entrepreneurial spirit.


By probing, listening and gently challenging the way you currently think. 


Getting to the key issues quickly. Then identifying and simplifying what needs to be communicated to achieve your objectives.

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Power to transform

Design has the power to transform your company, so I'll help you get better at using it.

Sharing my knowledge with you in a supportive and proactive way.

See the results.



If you need to adapt to a challenging business ecosystem my book, workshops and 1-2-1 coaching will help you and your team.

Or perhaps you need me to share my knowledge and experience with you, as a creative director.


Paperback & ebook

This short book reveals the importance of branding and sets out to help you get a lot better at using it. Available in paperback, Kindle and ebook from Amazon and other e-retailers. From only £7.99Order now.

Download free sample chapter.

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The Continuous Branding book is also available as an audiobook from Amazon and other e-retailers.


From only 7.99. Listen to the free sample chapter.


Workshops & talks

For an introduction to Continuous Branding. Get the best results from this effective brand management tool by understanding and then applying the five principles. Brought to life with real examples. It can be tailored to your company and the number attending.

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when not working

I'll be running with or training my border collie in the local fields and woods near where I live.

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