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How your company can compete at a higher level with Continuous Branding

Have you big plans to grow? Want to lead your market not follow it? Then learn how to harness the power of great branding. Motivate your people to perform better and grow your company more consistently with ‘Continuous Branding’. This tool and book has an easy reading style and no marketing gobbledegook.

Craig handing a copy of Continuous Branding to an attendee

Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook from £7.99. Order your copy now.

Download or listen to a free sample chapter.

Craig Thatcher signing copy of Continuous Branding book

Overcome your three biggest challenges to growth

This book has helped service-based organisations of all sizes overcome the three biggest challenges they face. The first is the intangibility of their services, the second is difficulty with differentiation - making it hard for customers to chose their company over a competitor and the third is poor engagement of their people.

Now you can overcome your challenges.

What you'll learn

  1. Find a new way of thinking as the old ways no longer works

  2. Understand what makes your organisation great

  3. How to grow whilst motivating your people to build your brand

  4. Improve your customers, clients or guests brand experience

  5. Embark confidently on your own journey to greater success

Motivate your people to build your brand

Get ahead and stay ahead with practical and effective ways to build your brand.

Craig Thatcher giving a talk about Continuous Branding

Harness the power of great branding

I’ve developed the strategic tool called ‘Continuous Branding’ to help you understand how to harness and apply the power of great branding in your own company by clearly linking your business strategy, your people and your branding together. There are five simple principles for you to adopt and adapt:

  1. Think like a Brand Owner

  2. Lead from a Powerful Market Position

  3. Have a Point of View

  4. Personalise your Brand Experience

  5. Invest Continuously to Grow Consistently

See the results

Learn how, in three short years one of my clients grew his brand by more than 20% per annum into a market leading and multi-award winning company, using Continuous Branding.

My co-director and I both read the Continuous Branding book, found it engaging and bought into the idea and it changed our mindset. It’s fair to say that our business as a whole was probably sceptical about the impact “marketing” or “branding” would have on our growth. That position has changed and people are realising the potential of projecting our brand – fantastic to see!

Neil Timmins, Director Caice Acoustic Air Movement

“Craig Thatcher’s ‘Continuous Branding’ workshop makes the sometimes seemingly intangible branding process tangible, practical and applicable to your business. All business owners are brand owners and need to take good care of their brands to grow their companies effectively. Craig will show you how. ”

Jackie Campbell, Business Enterprise Manager, Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

Any questions? Contact Craig now.

Why did I write this book?

Because it concerns me when owners and managers of service-based organisations waste their time, money and effort on the disruptive process of re-branding every few years when revenue stalls or margins shrink. Instead they should be linking their branding to their business strategy and to the people they rely on to build their brands. And as a result, they would not be missing out on consistent growth and a higher return on their investment.


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