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Paul Harris of REAL Success gives his B2B branding tips

Founder of REAL Success, Paul Harris re-branded his business for the first time 13 years after he first started out. Interviewed by creative director and copywriter, Craig Thatcher, he offers advice to all those about to do the same.

Why did Paul Harris re-brand REAL Success?

Paul ’s reason for undertaking the re-branding of his company was because he wanted to significantly grow it over the next few years. So with the help of Andy his brother, he assembled a small, highly experienced team including Alex Morrisoe, Phil Neave and Craig Thatcher.

Paul’s tips

Have a strategic reason to re-brand otherwise you will not deliver on your objectives.

Have trust in a well staged process.

And then get out of the way of the process.

Try to let go - which is especially difficult if you are the founder.

Use experts, listen to their advice and drop your defensiveness.

Re-branding is the start not the end.

Use an interesting angle to drive people to your new website - as nobody visits a new website, just because it is new.

Implement a CRM system, to help turn visitors into leads.

Paul’s ah-ha! moments

There were several moments throughout the rebranding process that provided Paul with what he describes as his ah-ha! moments. These are the main ones:

Narrow down and define your niche market. Then narrow it down again.

Focus on your clients’ challenges and not yours.

Website visitors should see themselves reflected in the pages not you.

It is about messaging not just your logo.

Read the REAL Success story and case study.

WATCH short interview (12 mins)



Here are Craig's Top 10 Tips to ensure your branding project is a success. Not sure where to start? Try here first. If you are wondering whether B2B rebranding is worth it or have some specific questions, then contact Craig today.


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