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Supporting the NEXTGENeration of entrepreneurs

What is NEXTGEN & HOW it helps entrepreneurs

The idea for NEXTGEN came from Paul Worthington, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for WoodWhite Accountants.

It is a new competition for 2022 that rewards the winning entrepreneur with up to £25,000 worth of valuable business, accounting, tax and marketing expertise for 12 months.

Free to apply or nominate an entrepreneur

It is free for anyone to apply or to nominate an entrepreneur, and the nominator receives a voucher for £250 if their nominee wins.

winner GETS 12 months FREE marketing support

Craig Thatcher is contributing £5,000 worth of marketing, branding and communications support to the winner, over 12 months. He is also on the judging panel, will interview the shortlisted candidates and help to select the winner.

“I believe that entrepreneurs and business owners need all the business support they can get. Because they power our economy and play a vital role in creating jobs, wealth and tax revenues for our society." Craig Thatcher, StrawberryFinch

He is keen to share more than thirty years of his experience to save them time, effort and stress - so they can be even more successful. Problems or bureaucracy often slow entrepreneurs down. But to keep moving forward they’ll need to punch today and every day in the face. So to help, they’ll be able to ask him specific questions about marketing and communications issues bothering them. Then with his guidance, view their problems from different angles, before turning them into opportunities.” He goes on to say, "this is why ‘I’m a proud supporter of ‘NEXTGEN.”

Learn more or apply for NEXTGEN 2022 now

FAQs and short video clips to answer your questions. Applications close on Friday 18 February 2022.

Nominate an entrepreneur for NEXTGEN 2022 now

It is easy to nominate an entrepreneur and only takes 30 seconds. Nominations close on Friday 18 February 2022. It is free to nominate an entrepreneur, and the nominator receives a voucher for £250 if their nominee wins.

WoodWhite AccountaNTS IS A client

We worked with the accountancy practice throughout 2021 to re-name, re-brand and re-launch the company in December.


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