StrawberryFinch is a flock of designers, digital marketing technologists, content creators and experience makers, headed by Craig Thatcher.

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Is to get to know you well, share your purpose, your ambition and support your strategy.

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WE Exist

To help you build a stronger, fitter and more engaging B2B brand with a prosperous future and greater value.

Then use branding, digital marketing and communications to drive deeper engagement through memorable experiences.


Building the value of a company is easier when you use design, branding and a distinctive market position.

Discover how

B2B branding gives you and advantage

Anticipating what your customers need and actively encouraging them to buy more and at higher value.

Discover why

digital marketing is relevant for your business.

Engaging your colleagues and stakeholders so they support you to lead your business into the future. 


Discover why

internal communications is so important for your company

For experiences that sets your company apart so you attract and retain the best clients and talent. 

Discover why experiences design is
a great tool for driving client engagement

Adding most value

For owners and directors of B2B companies with open minds and working styles. Who'd love to have a hand-built team of 'virtual' creative professionals on call, without making a full time commitment.

Entrepreneurs like you are bold. You spot opportunities and back your convictions. Collaborating with doers like us, who understand what makes you tick and where you're going.

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We seek success and limelight for you. Not for us.


As we’re happy to be your backroom team with a great ethos that inspires everyone. Because the best results come from new ideas and new ways of working to add most value.


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"Craig is a natural problem solver, quick to identify what’s not working and always has a range of solutions"

Susan Higgins

Head of Communications at Edge Foundation


StrawberryFinch was hatched from Craig's deep knowledge of branding and his lifelong interest in the naturalist, Charles Darwin.

Craig maintains there is a strong parallel between the survival of Darwin's fittest finches and modern day brands adapting to challenging business ecosystems to thrive. 


StrawberryFinch is also a name that takes the familiar into a new space. Creating a strong visual image, evocative with colour, fragrance and possibilities.


Yes, it is also a real bird.


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