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StrawberryFinch is a flock of designers, digital marketing technologists, marketing content creators and brand experience makers, headed by Craig Thatcher.

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Engage us to market, reposition or rebrand your business, by applying our proven branding, digital marketing and communications expertise.

Wow your prospects, drive engagement and grow. Make your business fitter by adapting to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. 

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Our proven digital marketing and brand engagement skills build fitter brands for prosperous futures and greater value.

Our adaptive branding, flexible digital marketing, pin-sharp internal communications and stunning experience design will work hard for you.

Our specialist marketing AREAS

Ask us to create gorgeous marketing communications or  adaptive branding and a distinct market position. 


See how smart branding gives you a marketing advantage. 

Know what your clients or different audiences want. Show them how to get it.

Find out why great digital marketing works.

Empower business colleagues and stakeholders to connect.


Learn why internal communications are so important.

…that will make you stand out and help you attract clients and top talent.

Learn why amazing experience design drives enduring client engagement.

Adding most value

You don’t want the overheads of a full time, in-house marketing team, but do want the advantages of proven professionals on-call.


We're a flock of marketing talent you can rely on when you need expert marketing and branding skills. 

Ask us how you can outsource our cost-effective marketing services.   


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"Craig is a natural problem solver, quick to identify what’s not working and always has a range of solutions"

Susan Higgins

Director of Communications at Edge Foundation


The brand name StrawberryFinch was hatched from Craig's lifelong interest in Charles Darwin.


Craig sees a parallel between the survival of Darwin's fittest finches and the survival of modern-day brands adapting to challenging business ecosystems and trends in new technology.


StrawberryFinch is also an unusual name that speaks of our drive for originality and distinctiveness – as long as it fits your marketing brief.

Yes, it is also a real bird.

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