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Creating a diversity and inclusion film called 'Be Yourself' for Rapport

The Managing Director and Head of DE&I for Rapport Guest Services wanted to show how they encourage their colleagues to be themselves at work and asked Craig Thatcher to produce a film that would demonstrate this and to make everyone feel proud of the inclusive culture within their company.

just be yourself at work

Many organisations talk about how diverse they are but struggle to live up to what they say. Rapport has achieved this by simply encouraging their people to be themselves at work rather than leave their true selves at home.

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice

Craig decided to work with award-winning film director, Nic Cornwall on this exciting project and after discussing the concept, felt that a film showing Rapport ambassadors doing what they do every day at work would be the ideal way to communicate this unique and welcoming culture.

emotionally engaging Diversity and inclusion film

It needed to be authentic and emotionally engaging for viewers, so Craig and Nic commissioned a unique piece of music from Dom Jones for the soundtrack. Nic wrote the lyrics and the Rapport choir sang it. This achieved two things at the same time. Firstly the choir has a wonderful sound and is a perfect demonstration of different people coming together to sing in unison. Secondly, it would mean no royalties to pay for an existing song.

film making process

However, there were many challenges at each stage of the film making process to be addressed:


Establishing the brief, brainstorming ideas and engaging our clients at every single stage of making the film was crucial to the overall success of the project.







why is the film called ‘Be Yourself’?

'Be Yourself' summed up the essence of the Rapport culture, and makes it so distinctive. It is also a simpler and more informal way of saying that the company is diverse and inclusive.

film Premier on 21 April 2023

The film premiered at the Rapport Excellence Awards and the response to it was overwhelmingly positive from everyone because it is genuinely authentic and perfectly represents the unique culture of Rapport.

"Thank you for creating a truly remarkable film. I have received so many comments from ambassadors and clients, stating how impressed they were and how it perfectly brought to life, the importance of Diversity & Inclusion within Rapport. The fact that it featured so many of our brilliant ambassadors along with a song that was performed by our choir, was the icing on the cake!" Dirk Talsma, Managing Director Rapport

Being exclusive is easy. Being inclusive is not

Nic Cornwall talks to Craig Thatcher (behind the camera) about directing  the diversity and inclusion film

interviews behind-the-scenes

On camera, Craig interviewed many of the Rapport ambassadors and director, Nic Cornwall, between takes in their busy filming schedule or whilst they were in make-up. He also took shots of the crew filming different scenes.

Then he put together a short, four minute video explaining why it was important to make the film and why the company is so inclusive. Whilst revealing what it felt like for those taking part and why Rapport is unlike any other company he has ever worked with.

He uncovered a remarkable culture that encourages people to be themselves at work rather than leaving their true selves at home. Despite everyone being different their strength as a company and as a brand is because of the collective way they make everybody feel welcome.

"Rapport always makes everything look so effortless and yet a lot of planning went into this film." Craig Thatcher

Credits: Film Director and Lyricist: Nic Cornwall, Music Composer: Dom Jones, Film Producer: Craig Thatcher.


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