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New marketing strategy and position for a Hospitality Management Platform

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The Managing Director of, a specialist hospitality management platform, asked Craig Thatcher to help her and the Head of Sales and Marketing, to develop a new marketing strategy for the company.

Founded in 2000, operates independently with the support of the Volaris Group, a buy-and-hold acquirer of software businesses, who focus on the long term success of their companies.

simplifying operations and control costs

This cloud-based platforms helps hospitality operators to improve their business performance by simplifying their operations, controlling their costs and providing clear financial visibility, powerful insights, real-time reporting and to comply with food service regulations.

Strategic communications review

A valuable piece of strategic background work had already been undertaken and provided some useful building blocks. Using this, Craig undertook a review of the way that the company communicated via its website, and analysed the strengths, weaknesses and relative market positions of its competitors.


He also commissioned a technical and keyword analysis of the company’s website and added the findings to his recommendations. Which included building a clearer business ecosystem for clients based on the platform. This was in addition to the platform’s existing integrations and the powerful API (Applications Programming Interface) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) modules already in place. 

He also proposed deeper relationships should be developed with third party organisations that also serve their market with complementary, non-competitive services.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

PurposE, brand promise & STRAP LiNE

Craig helped hone the company’s purpose, which had not been compelling enough and developed a new brand promise. Which was summed up by the phrase ‘The Hospitality Management Platform to power your performance’.

Developing a compelling Employee Value Proposition

Craig also clearly defined the brand values, which succinctly articulated the way that everyone employed by the company behaved towards each other and to clients. He achieved this by asking a number of existing employees the following questions:

  • What are your motivations and goals?

  • What are the benefits of working at

  • What is different about to other places you have worked?

He was impressed by how engaged everyone was. The many reasons why they loved working for company were illuminating so he used these to draft the employee value proposition which could be used when recruiting new employees in the future.

fulfilling careers

The company offers employees a supportive environment, where they can build their careers and influence the world around them in a friendly and agile team. 

Developing helpful content foR the client journey

Craig created useful and helpful ‘evergreen’ content for prospective clients to help them to select the best hospitality management platform for their business’. So he drafted the five killer questions that they should ask potential partners along with helpful answers. Neatly designed as a downloadable pdf with UTM codes added on all of the click-throughs to help analyse where traffic had been generated.

He interviewed various individuals and then drafted articles and LinkedIn posts, which were designed to improve organic search ranking on key landing pages for different vertical markets. Craig also updated the Head of Sales and Marketing's LinkedIn profile so it was more closely aligned with the company’s new and clearer position.


This project will lead to the development of a clearer website with improved messaging in the future.

Creating a presence at an important exhibition

Craig worked with a designer to create some graphic panels for a simple shell scheme stand at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Exhibition. He also drafted a news release to announce the launch of a new reporting and analytics module at the exhibition.

The results of this project have been well received by clients and parent company Volaris Group. 

Services provided

  • Strategic branding and digital marketing advice

  • Technical and SEO website review

  • Copywriting

  • Design management

  • Ghost writing LinkedIn posts & updating website

  • Re-drafting a LinkedIn profile

need to a new marketing strategy?

For professional, objective and effective support or to answer your specific questions, contact Craig today.


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