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Transform your market position with your own AI powered knowledge base

Internal shot of a vast library - transform your market position with your own AI powered knowledge base

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is grabbing all the headlines at the moment but we’ve all had disappointing experiences with ‘intelligent’ bots.

Imagine your own knowledge base powered by AI

So we’ve been thinking how AI can help you to provide a better experience for your employees and your clients by accessing your own knowledge base and for you to carve out a distinct place in your market.

People don’t have time to waste

Wouldn’t it be so much easier, faster and more efficient if people could simply type their question or query into a search bar or prompt like ChatGPT and sit back and wait for a few seconds for the relevant answer from the company knowledge base. Rather than try and find the information manually or file by file?

The idea born because of character limit for prompts

This all started when we discovered that our best results with Generative AI came from providing it with content that we created specifically from long form interviews. However, we also wanted to provide access to the 32,000 words of wisdom in our book for service-based organisations ambitious to grow called ‘Continuous Branding’ plus all the pages, blog posts and success stories on this website.

We thought this would be a brilliant way we could provide our clients with a unique experience by accessing all of our knowledge and experience quickly and easily, wherever they are. But we quickly hit the character limit for ChatGPT.

feed YOUR BOt everything about your organisation

We’ve been working with a specialist developer on a system that will enable you to import and ingest different file types from pdfs to emails into your own knowledge base and embed a chatbot on your intranet or website to enable your colleagues, prospects or clients to ask it questions, either using their keyboard their voice and have answers back as text or voice in a matter of seconds. No more wasting time.

Most of our clients provide complex services or products and store large numbers of different types of files across their organisations in silos that their employees find difficult to access. Even if they have a well structured filing system.

This one application could make a significant difference, enhance user experience and reduce operational costs. A knowledge base powered by AI offers efficiency, scalability, personalisation and continuous improvement.

Morgan Stanley wealth management deploys GPT-4 to organise its vast knowledge base

Read this excellent example of how a company can make its vast knowledge base more accessible to its employees and improve the way they serve their clients.

AI POWERED knowledge base offers many advantages

Marketing position

AI-powered knowledge bases help organisations to position themselves in their respective markets as very helpful, relevant and friendly - which are extremely compelling attributes to have for any company in a competitive landscape.

Efficiency and accessibility



Multilingual support

Continuous learning

Data analytics

Cost savings

Instant updates

24/7 support

Reduced human error


Quick problem resolution

Compliance and security

Enhanced search

Any questions about transforming your market position with an AI powered konwledge base? Contact Craig Thatcher.


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