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What are the best types of B2B digital marketing channels, tools & assets?

Podcasting microphone - just one digital marketing channel

In this post we'll briefly outline which specific digital marketing channels are best used for, along with a list of digital assets and tools you may find useful. We provide some great examples throughout this article although we have not included software subscription services in this post.

What digital marketing channels are best?

With so many to chose from, which ones are the best? The ones where your ideal clients spend their time. So do your research and ask them. Here is a list in alphabetical order and a brief description of what is best used for;

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising


SMS Messaging

Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing



What is Content Marketing best for?

Content marketing answers your prospects’ or clients’ questions so you can connect, build trust, generate leads and sell to them.

What is Email Marketing best for?

Email marketing helps you to build relationships with prospects, past and present clients or influencers by talking directly to them at a time that suits them.

What is Influencer Marketing best for?

Influencer marketing helps you to capitalise on the reach, authenticity and personality of people who have built an audience in a specific niche, that is complimentary to yours.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising best for?

PPC is a highly targeted, cost effective and controllable form of advertising to generate enquiries from visitors to your website. Spend as much or as little as you like.

What are Podcasts best for?

Podcasts help you to communicate information in a very personal and time-efficient way for your listeners, with new episodes automatically downloaded and easy to consume.

What is SMS Messaging best for?

SMS messaging provides greater immediacy and attention, generating higher engagement and ROI because people keep their phones on them at all times.

What is Social Media Marketing best for?

Social media marketing is ideal for growing brand awareness, makes it easy to spread the word about your company, products or services and is great for increasing traffic to your landing pages with helpful content.

What is Video Marketing best for?

Video marketing is perfect for explaining what a product or services does and how it can help clients. It also gives them more confidence to buy.

What is Webchat best for?

Webchat is easy and convenient for people to ask questions without making a commitment to a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

What is a Website best for?

Websites provide a credible, online presence 24/7 with e-commerce to sell direct and save costs. As well as offering helpful support and Frequently Asked Questions.

Two engineers looking at screens

Do you have the right digital assets & tools?

Every company and brand needs to have a suite of digital assets or tools that can be used to communicate in a more engaging way and reflects the unique personality of their organisation. These include the following in alphabetical order with a brief description of why you should consider using each of them;

Animated Icons & Logos

Audible Branding

Animated Videos

Digital, ebooks & Audiobooks

Documentaries, Short Films & Stings


Kinetic Typography


Soundtracks & Sound Effects

Voiceover Artist


Why use Animated Icons or Logos?

As more people find your online first, animated icons or logos create stand out and engagement in a digital world full of movement. So why be static and boring? Your logo is your most important digital asset and this is your chance to show off your charismatic personality.

This is a simple example of an animated logo for one of our clients, Rapport Guest Services for use as an outro at the end of corporate presentations, videos and films.

This is a great example of an animated logo that communicates the core sections that this website covers - photography, design, pop-culture, video, technology and graphics.

Why use Audible Branding?

Audible branding or music is a powerful way to stimulate emotion and engagement as we recognise sounds five times faster than images. Your unique sound is the equivalent of saying out loud the user name of your company or brand. Building trust quickly, whilst representing your positioning and feelings.

Why use Animated or Explainer Videos?

Animated videos are a dynamic and versatile medium for great storytelling, even for complex subjects or abstract ideas that would be difficult or impossible to film conventionally. Cutting through the digital noise, they’re very appealing and far easier to consume than text and more convincing - leaving a positive, long-lasting impression.

This is a great explainer video for Slack. For those that know the company, you will know why this explainer video is so good on so many levels. The script, the voiceover artist, the animated motion graphics are all in perfect slack style.

The Strava Fitness App uses motion design to communicate a user’s key stat

Why use Digital, e-books and Audiobooks?

E-books and audiobooks are a great way to reach new audiences globally as listening to audiobooks is booming. Use as many words as you like to get your ideas or story across. You never need to worry about physical stock, with digital downloads and paperbacks printed on demand.

Cover of 'Continuous Branding' book by Craig Thatcher

'Continuous Branding' by Craig Thatcher is available as a paperback - printed-on-demand, as an e-book and audiobook on Amazon and from other retailers.

Why use documentaries, Short Films & Stings?

Short-form documentaries about specific topics is a sophisticated way to reach and engage people. Choosing how and when to interact with brands, as they’re increasingly rejecting traditional advertising and marketing methods. More likely to consume video than text, they are shared more frequently across social channels resulting in impressive click through rates. Stings are the very short indents used to introduce a video.

No story is too complex. If you think you have a story that is too complex to get across, don't worry, nothing is impossible. This is a personal favourite of mine as I led the creative team that created this film of the story being told by a chef for Restaurant Associates to reposition the contract caterer in a highly competitive market. Lovely location, compelling script, convincing actor, with soundtrack and sound effects. A long hard day though!

Why use Infographics?

Infographics give you the ability to create interesting ways of getting key information across in an engaging format. Easy for your followers to share with their networks, boosting your social media presence and reaching new people.

Why use Kinetic Typography?

Most people prefer to watch a short video on demand to reading a long text-based post. Grab their attention, then tell your story in an engaging and informative way with kinetic typography. If you impress them, they’ll share your story and improve traffic to your website.

The Light in the Dark is an amazing example of what can be achieved with a good script, a great motion designer and soundtrack.

Why use Podcasts?

Podcasts help you to communicate information in a very personal and time-efficient way for your listeners, with new episodes automatically downloaded and easy to consume.

Why use Soundtracks & Sound Effects?

Soundtracks or musical sequences give you the opportunity to create an holistic and memorable image of your company in your clients’ minds. They need less effort to recognise and to understand than words or images so they’ll quickly be associated with your brand. Creating an emotional reaction, a great impression and shortening the odds to buying

Why use a Voiceover Artist?

Voiceover artists use their professional voice to bring your script to life, conveying emotion and excitement. Engaging your audience, then convincing them to take action, as the spoken word is easier for our brains to process than the written one.

Alternatively, you can record your voice if you want to convey your own distinct personality. I narrated my audiobook and record it myself. It took about five hours in total and it was more difficult than I expected to keep up the enthusiasm. Here you can listen to a sample chapter from the audiobook

Why use Webinars?

Webinars are complete digital experiences, where you can talk to, engage and interact with your audience using a variety of different types of content and tools; including the main presentation, polls, surveys or Q&As. Great for generating leads but make sure they’re scored, prioritised and followed up.

DO YOU have access to the right digital skills?

The dynamic way you tell your story digitally will add so much more power, interest and engagement than if it is static or monotone. However, you need to work with creative directors, digital marketing managers and motion designers who understand the art and craft of storytelling and clear communication. As motion design can makes good content magnificent.


If you have the skills and the time, then you can certainly undertake ‘Do It Yourself’ digital marketing. This is especially important if budget is tight and you want to learn new skills. Alternatively, outsourcing to specialists who claim to ‘Do It For You’ rarely produces the best outcome, as they'll never be able to understand your clients and organisation to the same depth as you. So we we’d always recommend ‘Doing it Together’ which blends our digital marketing skills with yours, for the best of both worlds.

what now?

If you have a question, would like further information or support then contact Craig now and he'll be happy to help you get going, without obligation.


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