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New value proposition, brand identity and website design for a start-up risk intelligence platform

New value proposition brought to life with website design for RISC Vision viewed on a Mac


RISC Vision is a risk intelligence platform, using cognitive automation to help companies to protect themselves from emerging risks in their supply chains in up to 160 countries. In January 2022, RISC Vision was acquired by Arivu.

THE brief from the founder

Our brief was to develop a new brand identity as well as design, build and launch a new, responsive website for this start-up.

Rotating GIF of RISC Vision logo

Creating an engaging value proposition

After interviewing Matthew Nelson, the founder, Craig Thatcher created a value proposition that summarised the problems the platform solves, the benefits it offers and who it is for.

simple sitemap & compelling copy

Once the value proposition was approved, Craig created a simple sitemap and drafted the copy for the new website. He collaborated with AngusAlexander on the design of the new brand identity as well as the website, which is all about encouraging visitors to start a free trial so they can experience the benefits before committing to a subscription.

Overcoming the key challenge

The website is designed to make it easy to understand the business benefits and the peace of mind the platform offers. Not overwhelm them with how sophisticated the technology is. However, it is impressive - every day it scans over 365 million business records and 75 million news and media sources in 160 countries are screened for 13,000 key words or early warning indicators of emerging risks.

selecting the most suitable fonts

We proposed using two fonts, Geometos Soft for headings and Brandon Grotesque for sub-headings and body copy.

The Geometos Soft font

Brandon Grotesque is a sans-serif typeface, designed in 2010 in six weights. It has a contemporary look and is highly legible because it uses space more efficiently between the individuals characters in each a word and between each line of text. Which makes it easy to read even at smaller point sizes and is ideal for use within the RISC Vision platform itself.

17% more efficient use of space

Brandon Grotesque actually uses 17% less space at the same point size, than other similar looking fonts that include PT Sans, Poppins and Europa Regular and a whopping 45% less space than Roboto. We shortlisted these five fonts before our client made the final decision based on our recommendations. No, this is not an optical illusion, we used the same point size for each.

Brandon Grotesque font uses 17% less space

distinctive and contemporary brand identity

The RISC Vision logo developed by AngusAlexander, subtly animates when the home page is opened and he also designed a range of unique modal icons to aid navigation.

New colours for the RISC Vision brand identity

New icons for RISC Vision brand identity for value proposition

Moving particles provide a fluid, dynamic background for new brand identity

Moving particles simulating the flow of data was introduced and javascript used to keep page load time as low as possible. Only adding a feather weight 40K, so Google should rank the page well and visitors will enjoy a great experience.

Easy website navigation

Visitors can skim across the top level navigation, gain a good understanding from the main headings or drill down further if they need more information. ‘Free trial’ buttons provide clear ‘Call To Actions’ throughout the website.

THE Reaction

Our client is delighted with the new brand identity and website and is looking forward to building the business by helping customers to protect their companies form emerging risks.


Contact Craig for a virtual coffee and chat and he'll explain the advantages of working with us to help you to successfully launch your new service, product or brand.


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