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5. Get branding!

5. Get branding!

5. Get branding!

You want to brand strategically. But you’ll need to know how before starting your own branding journey. Would you like to harness the power of Continuous Branding?

Do you know what the key stages of the branding process are, and what happens in each of them? To get going, you’re going to need support from an expert Branding Specialist.

Key stages in the Continuous Branding process:
1. Gain Insights
2. Strategy and Positioning your Brand
3. Developing your Brand Story and Point of View
4. Naming your Brand
5. Creating your Brand Identity and Experience
6. Marketing Communications
7. Engaging your People
8. Helping Everyone Find your Brand
9. Adopting Continuous Branding

Would you like to know Branding Specialist Craig Thatcher’s top ten tips for undertaking a successful branding project? Please click on the link:

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions - you're not alone. I’ve helped many clients overcome the same issues by using my #ContinuousBranding tool to help them rebrand their organisations. I can help you, too.

Please read this chapter from the Continuous Branding book.

Chapter 9: Your Branding Journey Begins Here

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