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4. Ask branding questions

4. Ask branding questions

4. Ask branding questions

The Continuous Branding tool could work for you. But you need to know how well it applies to your specific branding and marketing circumstances before deciding to use it or not, right?

You need to know if it has worked as a branding tool for anybody else, and what was achieved, in what time frame.

Finding it hard to grow your brand? Want to improve your brand’s performance? Put the five principles of the Continuous Branding at the heart of everything you do for a fitter, stronger and more prosperous future.

1. Think like a Brand Owner
2. Lead your Market from a Powerful Position
3. Have a Point of View and Tell Stories
4. Personalise your brand experience
5. Invest continuously to grow consistently

The Continuous Branding tool is for ambitious leaders of service-based organisations who want to grow consistently and sustainably, and who are looking for a successful, strategic solution. It isn’t a quick fix. It’s a long-term marketing and branding solution.

You can expect great results from the Continuous Branding tool if you follow all the principles all the time. Not some of them some of the time.

Rapport Guest Services grew by 20% per annum for nearly a decade. It evolved into a market leading, award winning company by using the Continuous Branding tool. Read the story of the company’s early years in chapter eight of the Continuous Branding book.


If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions - you're not alone. I’ve helped many clients overcome the same issues by using my #ContinuousBranding tool to help them rebrand their organisations. I can help you, too.

Please read these chapters from the Continuous Branding book.

Chapter 7: Five Principles of Continuous Branding

Chapter 8: Case Study: Building Rapport Guest Services

Get in touch if you are unclear or need to know more about StrawberryFinch marketing.

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