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1. List your branding challenges

1. List your branding challenges

1. List your branding challenges

When branding and marketing, what’s holding you back?

Is your service-based company or brand not growing as fast or as sustainably as you would like? Are you finding if tough to recruit and retain key people? Do you feel that you have a great company but struggling to motivate your people to build your brand?

Are you finding it difficult to engage your clients, customers and your people? Do your colleagues understand what your brand means to them and the value it gives your clients? Does your company really stand out in your market? Are you considering rebranding your company and worried about the time and costs involved?

Are competitors stealing market share or growing faster than your company? Are there more and more new ones entering your market? Are your margins under increasing pressure? Do you feel like your company or brand is sailing into a head wind? Are you fed-up with rebranding every few years?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you're not alone. I’ve helped many clients to overcome exactly the same issues by using my #ContinuousBranding tool to help them with rebranding their organisations. I can help you, too. Think of it like like having your own tail wind.

Read the key points from these chapters from the Continuous Branding book.

Chapter 1: Why Branding is Vital

Chapter 2: Find your Tail Wind

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