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Building Rapport Guest Services

Key points from the chapter

Building Rapport Guest Services

Greg understands the power of Continuous Branding by linking it to his strategy and his people, and putting the five principles at the heart of everything he does.

Principle 1: Greg thinks like a brand owner by continually building the value of Rapport through excellent service and growing the company at the same time. Clients want to appoint Rapport because they’re the best in the market and to experience their unique brand of hospitality.

Principle 2: Greg leads from a powerful market position because he understands that his clients crave an intuitive service, one that anticipates needs, that saves time and makes their guests feel welcome and relaxed. This is conveyed through the Rapport website, driving home its market position and continually reinforcing it with ‘industry firsts’ like National Telephonists’ Day to celebrate the role of professional telephone operators.

Principle 3: Greg and Rapport have an engaging point of view. With his five-star hotel experience, he has a crystal clear idea of how clients and their guests should be looked after. Although, his real gift is his ability to inspire his people to personify the Rapport brand by thinking and behaving like him. He is always telling stories about his wonderful Rapport Ambassadors and the annual Excellence Awards are recognition, celebration and reward for the most outstanding examples of service.

Principle 4: Greg personalises the Rapport brand experience for clients and guests. This makes them feel important, valued and good about themselves. It comes from empowering his Rapport Ambassadors to take control of situations that are ‘out of the ordinary’ and trusting them to do the right thing. This personalisation is powerful and extremely difficult for competitors to replicate.

Principle 5: Greg invests continuously to grow consistently. He knows that the minute he stops investing will be the minute Rapport stops growing. This is what drives him on to win new contracts and prestigious awards for service and excellence in workplace engagement whilst still growing the Rapport brand at more than 20% per annum.


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